THANK YOU FOR VISITING SALT CREEK FRENCHIES!                    We pre-spoil each of our Frenchies (just a little bit) so they are ready to receive all the love and   attention they can get when joining your home! We are always sad to see our pups go, but the joy we get from hearing the wonderful stories and seeing updated pictures from the families who adopt, make the transition worth it. To see puppies currently available, please visit our Puppies Available page.  

A bit of history of the breed...  Frenchies were originally bred to be lap dogs by lace makers in 19th century England, and eventually acquired the name French Bulldog in the late 1800s. They are indoor dogs that very much like to lounge around with anyone willing, and always alert you of visitors. Frenchies are adorable and always somehow seem to take your seat when you leave the room. They have evolved from loyal lap dogs to current day couch potatoes. They have a way of growing on a person. We love our French Bulldogs!

Salt Creek Frenchies is located in the beautiful Smoky Hills of North Central Kansas. 
We strive to offer the finest French Bulldogs in both personality and conformation.
A word of Caution... Something that we always try to mention is the French Bulldogs sensitivity to extreme temperatures. Please be aware that Frenchies, like many snub-nosed breeds, cannot tolerate heat for long periods of time. They are best suited as indoor pets and only require a limited amount of time outside in hot weather. Be advised to watch for any signs of heat distress. 
Another  SAFETY CONCERN to keep in mind if adopting a Frenchie: They cannot swim. This does not mean that they do not like water though! But many enjoy participating in water involved activities. Please be aware if you have ponds or pools on your property. There are many options available in canine life jackets nowadays.
We are VERY PROUD of our adult French Bulldogs. They are quality Frenchies and they love to relax, snore, and get very excited to go outside and play for a few minutes (Before needing another nap). We enjoy the process of helping you choose your next family member. We welcome your inquiries any time and look forward to hearing updates on your Frenchies as they grow!
Erin and Jon Abercrombie are the owners and operators oSalt Creek Frenchies.  We were both born and raised in North Central Kansas and went to Kansas State University majoring in Agriculture. After college we returned home with our first French Bulldog Merle, a brindle male Frenchie, who made us grow to love the breed. With a mutual love for the breed, we started offering occasional litters. We give a great deal of attention to our adults and puppies and we take absolute pride in our dogs and their well-being.
If you are not familiar with the French Bulldog breed, we will gladly answer any questions you may have via email or phone. And we are here to help after the sale. Please fill out a form on our Contact page and we will contact you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you!~~ Erin & Jon